Turkey Day Eve

Turkey Day is approaching, and I just put the turkey in the tub (inside a bucket) for some thawage. Hopefully by around midnight tonight it will be ready to take the plunge into the brine. I am picking up Corinna tonight from Hoboken, and she will be staying thru Sunday, which rocks. She’s going to have to endure meeting the rest of my family tomorrow, though, so hopefully she won’t get scared away. :)

The boys grouted the wall tile today as well as “floated” the floor (levelling it to accept the floor tile on Friday). Things are looking good (pictures in the usual place).

Go download some free, legit music: “Two Zombies Later” is a pretty cool collection of music released by members of the Exotica Mailing List. It has apparently been published under the Creative Commons license, but I don’t see any licensing information listed on any of the pages related to the album. Regardless, what I’ve listened to so far has been groovy, and you should totally check it out.

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