For all you spastic retards out there

Because some of you readers are insecure feebs and feel the need to email me about this issue:

Not being listed as one of my LiveJournal friends (or being de-listed) doesn’t have any bearing on whether or not I consider you a friend. I use several methods to track my friends journals/weblogs, including my friends page, NetNewsWire, and manual page loading. Let me be frank and say that these can be considered 3 tiers, with the people who’s writing I find most interesting listed on the friends page. Again, to state the obvious, finding your writings interesting has no bearing as to whether or not I find you personally interesting.

So before you shoot me some insecure email about whether or not “I STILL LIKE YOU”, calm the fuck down and get a life. Sure, I may not like you, but a stupid entry in a database is not an indicator of that whatsoever.

6 thoughts on “For all you spastic retards out there

  1. Hehe, I go the other way. I just let anyone and everyone be on my friends list if they want to be. There are a bunch of people on my list that I really couldn’t care less about reading their journals. Yay for filters. I just bookmark friends?filter=128, which corresponds to my “friends page” filter – that way people that find my writing interesting get to read it, and I don’t have to bother with theirs. Of course, I post everything friends only, so it’s not really a concern you share. :)

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