I made some awesome chicken on the grill tonight… Chicken breasts marinated in White Wine Worcestshire, simple but oh so delicious. I also got some kosher salt and parchment paper for the house here, I felt naked without them. The parchement paper inspired me to bake some cookies, so I employed my usual modified version of Good Eats’ “The Chewy” recipe. My modification is that I replace half the butter with shortening, and I melt the butter but leave the shortening room temp. I miss my KitchenAid, I think I am going to have to reclaim it from the boys in Boston oncethe kitchen is renovated. (Assuming I am still living here then)

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  1. Cookies!

    Sean I have said it before and I will say it again, your cookies are very good.
    I wish I could cook. I can make rice krispie treats, and spaghetti. That is it.

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