Oh TiVo, how well you treat me

It took me awhile to catch up on the shows that my TiVo recorded for me while I was gone… Yesterday I ripped a few poker shows off the TiVo and recorded them to DVD. Today it is catching up on my Good Eats encoding for the archive. I have been going through each file in the archive and watching them from start to finish, looking for encoding glitches or other problems. I have pretty much perfected my TiVo to Divx method, so some of the shows I encoded back in the day are looking a little rough (audio sync, over compression, etc). I have about 20 more episodes to watch, and have found about 9 that are borked (and the archive is still short one episode, “Pressure”).

5 thoughts on “Oh TiVo, how well you treat me

    1. The archive is about 14G, and before I get all the “back episodes” taken care of it will probably grow another gig… So I’d venture to guess about 4 blank 4x DVD-Rs plus postage. Each episode is approximately 150M.

      1. Alton Brown is dreamy. I’ll definately be keeping an ear open for when your master collection of goodness is complete.

        I was pondering to myself the other day which female on Food Network would, when mated with Alton Brown, produce the most insane child. My current vote is on the girl from “How to Boil Water”.

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