Sometimes I wish I could hide from the guys doing the renovations on the house…. They get into storytelling mode sometimes and it gets old quickly if I am trying to get something done.

I hung out with the Fam and then later with Chuck last night… I played some one-on-one no-limit against Chuck and lost, unfortunately, due to one really bad call. I was burying him, and he moved in on what I thought was a last-ditch effort and I called him…. Turns out he had a set.

4 thoughts on “Humanity

  1. We have people finishing our basement (at a glacial pace). One of the workers was in federal prison for a while and likes to talk. I of course run away and hide. He also tries to sell us video tapes of random crap like cops and world trade center footage etc… scary indeed.

  2. Heads-up no-limit can be intense. The swings are enough to drive a sane man crazy.

    How often do you play, and whom do you play with? If I’m ever your neck of the woods I’d love to sit down for a game.

    1. Heads-up no-limit can be intense. The swings are enough to drive a sane man crazy.

      Not to toot my own horn, but the swings generally aren’t that significant when I play…. If I am playing a shitty player, they will move in with shitty hands and lose alot of money to me, or I will make a stupid play and lose alot of money to them, but generally the lesser player bleeds money to the better player until they are busted out. :) Obviously luck of the draw plays a factor, but not as much as in limit, IMHO.

      When I was in Boston we would play a few small heads-up or 3 man games of NLHE a night, with one big limit game every tuesday (that still happens).

      Nowadays I play a bit on UltimateBet and with Chuck and Johnny, but I haven’t gotten a regular game set up yet… Hopefully I can find some interest.

      1. I agree with you about the lesser player bleeding money to the better player until he busts out, however I should have clarified my statement by saying that the swings in an evenly matched game can be insane. If two fairly equal players sit down then the swings can be dramatic.

        I should start to play on ultimatebet, but I just can’t. Something about poker requires me to be able to see the person I’m playing with. This might change once I get more play under my belt, especially with respect to the on-the-fly math I’m trying to work on.

        Either way, if you ever come down to the DC area let me know, I’ll have a game at my place just for you.

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