Ithaca, Boston, and the World

There’s too much I missed while in Ithaca to truly catch up, but here’s a mild attempt. Thursday afternoon and I took a ride down to Manchester, NH to pick up Matt Weaver, who had flown up from CO for the party. We then turned around, backtracking toward Boston and ultimately to Ithaca. This was a long trip, Adam and I left around 3-ish and we didn’t arrive in Ithaca until 11pm. When we arrived at Sean and Kelly’s, we were greeted by a wonderful Indian feast prepared by Kelly, which was delicious. We caught up with each other until 3am or so and we all retired to various parts of the floor for slumber.

Friday was when the party was going down, and when everyone else started to arrive. We went to an A&W restaurant for lunch for fresh rootbeer and lunch. Around 5pm, Matt Girard arrived, and shortly after Rory arrived. Then came Jeremiah and Janis, later still Tourist and Christen arrived… There were some other people at the party, but i didn’t know them personally… We hung out, drank, ate obscene amounts of candy, and made jokes that probably wouldn’t be funny among any other company. After many hours and many drinks, I went to bed (floor) at some point well after midnight.

Saturday we went to breakfast, a playground, and lots of fun hanging out. Sunday everyone had to go their seperate ways, but some day love will find us. . I hitched a ride back with rory, and we got back in Boston some time around 4pm or something.

Pictures of the event are here, but I haven’t bothered to caption all of them yet.

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