Random Update

Corinna just went to bed, and I’m not tired yet so I figured that I
would hang out and update this thing… It takes me long enough on this
tiny keyboard, so maybe i’ll be tired by the time I’m done.

Our time in VT was awesome… Just a very laid back weekend
chillin’, hot tubbin’, and relaxin’. We got back in Boston this
afternoon and coco took me to see “School of Rock”, which was good (but
I’m a sucker for Jack Black). We did some chore shopping (food, etc.)
and settled in to watch “Outside Providence”, which I had never heard of
but turned out to be decent. Alec Baldwin turned in a really surprising

I also watched “Grosse Point Blank” again for the first time since
it’s release. I didn’t like it the first time around, but I wanted to
give it a 2nd chance cuz everyone I know loves it. This time, I didn’t
dislike it, but I feel it took way too long to work up a head of

Tomorrow’s plan is to get together w/ adam and carlos for lunch..
Then tomorrow night I will play some poker and hopefully break even or
come away with someone else’s money… I have a pretty good track
record with doing this, but things in general have been running brown
for me for awhile now so I wouldn’t be surprised if poker followed

I don’t mean to sound whiny, because that’s not the case… I’m just
feeling a little beat down lately, that’s all. Being back here with
corinna has definitely helped, but I am still broke and still need a

Fuck it, something’s gotta work out soon, right?

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  1. Outside Providence

    When I went to RISD one of the girls in my class was an extra in that movie. She played the star’s super embarassing geeky ex-girlfriend. No one could understand why she would take such an embarassing part. It was weird.

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