I can’t believe I get full service in bumblefuck vermont, but not in my
house in NJ.

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  1. bill

    Speaking of T-mobile weirdness, make sure u check out your bill carefully this month. Mine was $20 higher than normal, b/c they charged me for “data” twice. I called them about it and they claimed that they had some major billing problem. I don’t know if that’s bullshit or not, but check yours out anyway. :)

    1. Re: bill

      Yeah, I noticed that too… I got my bill a few weeks ago and already called them….

      According to a forum, everyone with a hiptop got double billed for data svc.

      1. Re: bill

        I’ve been overbilled for my Nextel cellphone service a few times too, and had to call them to straighten it out.

        Curious that I’ve never heard of a cellphone company accidently UNDERbilling people. I think they occasionally insert these “billing errors” on purpose, because they surely profit from them even if just a fraction of customers don’t get them corrected. Just removing the doublebilling on the customers that pick it up isn’t sufficient to discourage the behavior. People should consider a class action lawsuit.

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