General Apathy

Sorry I haven’t updated this thing lately, I guess I have been fighting off a general apathy that has tended to distract me from lots of stuff lately. I did manage to update the renovations gallery just now, so perhaps I am winning the war.. :)

Rochester was lots of fun, and FUMN was a success from all accounts. As usual, there seemed to be grumblings from a person or two that it wasn’t “fucked up” enough for them. These people just don’t get the whole point of FUMN… Anyway, this FUMN consisted of:

  1. Cannibal Ferox (a.k.a. “Make Them Die Slowly”)
  2. The ABC’s of Sex Education for Trainable Persons
  3. Tetsuo: The Ironman
  4. The Toxic Avenger II
  5. Eraserhead

5 thoughts on “General Apathy

    1. cyklopt0r?

      Fuck no. I throughouly enjoyed FUMN this year. I also know the definition of “fucked up” in the FUMN context, unlike the people that complained.

    2. No, Luke seemed to enjoy himself… And Resig, who has complained in the past seemed to approve as well… It was some freshman who kinda reminded me of skvarla.

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