Monopoly Game from Hell

Last night Chuck and I went over to play Monopoly with Jenn and Martin around 10pm. We didn’t leave until after 2am, and we only played one game. What made it worse is that Chuck and I busted out at around hour one, so we just sat around spectating the droll give and take of Jenn and Martin’s game. Things got pretty heated between them, and I really think they should have just packed it in early and taken a draw or something… There seemed to be some serious hate by the end of the game….

I have 3 poker DVD’s created now….. I have one DVD with the last four episodes of the 2003 World Series of Poker (no commercials) made, and two more discs, each with two episodes of the World Poker Tour (no commercials). I would have the entire WSOP on DVD, but the Tivo borked on Episode 1, so I have to wait till it is rerun until I can burn that DVD.

5 thoughts on “Monopoly Game from Hell

    1. I have it down to a science now:

      1) rip show off TiVo using TyTool
      2) Create keyfile using TyTool
      3) Create cut list using GopEditor
      4) Multiplex file using TyTool (which makes the cuts) to either a MPG file or a VOB, depending on need

      If I am making a Divx, I then fire up TMPGEnc and open the MPG file there. I have a settings file I use that sets all the resolution, etc. I select “Output to AVI” and save it out to a Divx file.

      If I am making a DVD, I then use the TyTool menu making shit and whatnot, but I haven’t done much of this yet.

        1. Yeah, I’ve just started using the latest stuff. It’s great. And he’s close to releasing another version that allows graphical backgrounds and mucho control over where the text gets placed on menus (with templates).

          TyTool just keeps getting better and better.

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