Throwing Ceramic

The contractor is here demolishing the Master bathroom… My parents are renovating both bathrooms and the kitchen over the next few months, all of which sorely need it. The Master bathroom, however, is in the worst shape, so it is definitely the launchpad. I am certain they will have the thing gutted today, because the tile is barely held on the wall as it is.

was here all weekend for the long weekend, which was awesome. She took the cheap bus to get down here Friday night after work, and she didn’t get into Hoboken until around 11pm… She said it was a miserable trip, involving people vomitting and lots of traffic. She eventually got here and was pretty pissed, but she eventually warmed up … :) We went for a nice walk around Hopatcong on Saturday, and were supposed to go see Kill Bill: Volume One with “The Boys” that night, but plans fell apart so we just hung out at the house and rented Spider which I only thought was so-so. David Cronenberg’s last two movies (Spider and eXistenZ) have been total letdowns for me, hopefully he will get back on track with his next picture.

Sunday we were hanging out most of the day, we rented Saving Silverman based on the presence of Jack Black, but while the first half of the movie was fairly funny, the second half was painfully boring. Later Sunday night we finally did get out to see Kill Bill with Chuck, and it was just as enjoyable as when we saw the preview screening back in August. The movie we saw in August was almost identical to the release version, albeit the ending was slightly different (for those who saw it this weekend, A bit was added into the conversation between Bill and Sophie Fatale, as well as the footage of The Bride on the plane making her list), but it didn’t “change” the ending. After the movie we stopped by the Budd Lake Diner for some chow.

Monday found Corinna and I sleeping in for quite awhile and finally wandering into Manhattan to visit her friends Sara and David (and their daughter Sappha). Originally, we were supposed to meet with them and then Corinna was going to leave for Boston that evening, but she couldn’t get a ticket so she had to leave Tuesday morning. So I hung out with them until about 10:30pm and Corinna spent the night so she could be closer to Chinatown (and the bus stop) for her 7am bus. It sucks being so far away from her, but at least it’s “do-able”.

It looks like I may have some very short-term contracting work doing some Mozilla development for a Spanish company…. Nothing is finalized yet, but they pursued me and we have discussed rates and stuff, so it looks good. It will come out to probably about 600 bucks, but with the potential for more work in the future.

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  1. Did you see both parts of kill bill back in august? I really enjoyed the movie too, it was like watching a live action ninja comic with an artistic spin. The tense moments between the bride and cottonmouth were great. I’m glad they didn’t fill the silence with music.

    1. Only part one. This was about a month after Miramax and Tarantino chose to split the movie into two (as opposed to cutting a ton and releasing one 2.5-3 hour movie).

      As far as the music goes, say what you will about Tarantino, he makes brilliant use of music and score in his films.

  2. thats awesome

    That’s awesome about the job!

    I still wonder sometimes if ANY of the like seven million crappy jobs I applied to from your apartment last summer EVER got back to me! Not likely! :)

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