The Box

The past two nights I have gone with Chuck over Martin & Jen’s house to play Monopoly. Last night, we started playing around 9:30p, and the one game went on until about 1am. Martin was the winner of that game. Tonight we squeezed two games between 9pm and 12:30pm, with Chuck and I each winning one. But in addition to the usual assortment of house rules, Chuck, Martin, and Jen play with one rule I’ve never heard of before. If, after winning the game, you count up all your cash (not including selling houses and such, just your cash on hand) and have more than $10,000, your name goes on “The Box”. So there are now, really, two goals: To win and make the box. Jen has the current “high score” on the box with $30,000+. I haven’t even come close to the box yet… Each of the other three are on the box twice, but they also had a head start as I have only just joined in on the competition.

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