If you really like Taylor Ham and Cheese, Taylor Ham and Cheese, Hah-Ham and Cheese

I ended up getting my TiVo fixed thursday night, after many retarded mistakes along the way. Friday morning, the TiVo had updated itself to v3.0 and I pulled the drives again and did a backup so I will have less trauma if something like this happens again (or if one of the drives go bad). This is the first bit of trouble (that wasn’t overtly my fault) I have had with the TiVo since getting it like 2.5 years ago, and I am not even sure it was Tivo’s fault… Besides my doing guided setup like 3 times within 3 days (I did guided setup twice in Boston when we returned the cable box, and I did it again when I got here), I also have hacked the shit out of my TiVo, and it’s possible that I caused some kind of unexpected condition in the OS. Regardless, it’s all fixed now, even if I lost a bunch of shows.

I am downloading Thursday’s episode of CSI which didn’t get recorded due to all this Tivo-trauma. It’s slow going but it will eventually finish (thanks BitTorrent).

I fixed the fileserver, morimoto, last night as well. Just before I left Boston, it’s boot/root drive started making the lovely ball-bearing-on-sheet-metal noise that marks a dead hard disk. I was able to keep it alive long enough to back up /etc, and shut it down for the move. I had a spare 10G drive in the Mac that I wasn’t using so I decided that would become the new boot/root drive for morimoto. I reinstalled Gentoo on it and everything is swimming along nicely now. I brought the LVM LVs back up without incident (I’m actually really impressed at LVM on Linux, I thought it would be much trickier than it was). I ran some Cat5 downstairs and stuck the machine down there so it’s out of everyone’s way.

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