A one-trick pony

I was reading an article over at Wired News about the recent resurgance of the CD Single format. The article speculates that the rise of music downloading is pushing the single format back into main view. The argument is that consumers who have gotten used to getting “only the songs they want” either freely or from a legit service are no longer willing to pay full price for an album with 2 songs they like and 10 they don’t. But that’s not what I found interesting in the article:

“A RIAA spokesman declined to comment on the single statistics.

“We’re happy to talk about the aggregate impact of piracy, but as to what format our member companies market their music in, that is up to them,” said Jonathan Lamy, a spokesman for the RIAA.

The RIAA is approached for comment, and even though the subject has little or nothing to do with music piracy, they attempt to bring it into the discussion. God I can’t wait until this relic finally wakes up or dies.

3 thoughts on “A one-trick pony

  1. I just saw a thing today in the newspaper about some major label (i forget who) slashing CD prices down to $6, and everyone thinks that sony, vivendi/universal etc will follow.

    $6 is much nicer than $15-20.

    1. I read a similar article today, I think it was about universal, but they said they were cutting prices down to $12 from 16-18, which leads me to believe that your article said they were cutting prices BY $6 instead of TO $6.

      Here’s an article that agrees with me.

      Regardless, any price drop is a good thing, hopefully it will bring about a new price war!

      1. To be honest I just read the title. You’re right.

        $12.. eh I’ll probably stick to my current situation and only buy stuff from bands like MBM i am true too..

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