Simple Things You Can Write To Piss Me Off

I admit that I am easily pissed off, but here are a few words you can put down in written form that send me through the roof:

  • boi
  • grrrl
  • blog, mo’blog, blogosphere, etc.
  • huzzah
  • FUD
  • security clearance

There are more, but there’s a head start.

17 thoughts on “Simple Things You Can Write To Piss Me Off

      1. Did you guys have to read into any of the other words? No.

        So why are you trying to read into this one? It’s pretty simple: The words “security clearance” piss me off. It’s a pretty straightforward thing.

        1. …because it’s the only real word(phrase) out of a list of slang/acronyms/internet jargon. I assumed there was another reason.

          • trout
          • carp
          • tuna
          • lampshade
      1. I know it didn’t. You missed the sarcasm, and my lame attempt at projecting sarcasm across the Internet with a smiley face.

        I lose. :(

  1. huzzah, boi! you sound so grumpy in your blog! check out my grrrly blogosphere …

    that was a lame attempt, but i hope you smiled.

    oh. and


  2. Yeah, I’m with them…

    What pisses you off about “security clearance”? It seems like a fairly innocuous phrase that’s not overused or bastardized by the media a la “shock and awe”. It just seems harmless.

    What is it about “security clearance” that pisses you off? I’m 100% with you on the others though. But I’m afraid your credibility as THE authority on Written Piss-Offedness Causing Terms is slightly threatened by the addition of “security clearance” on your list.

    1. Re: Yeah, I’m with them…

      I wasn’t going to get into this, but since you’ve challenged my authority:

      Every day I see jobs posted that require a clearance but the company isn’t willing ro sponsor someone, so only people w/ clearances can get in.

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