I sent my resume and cover letter to a company today, and I got two responses: One was an auto-reply saying that my resume was received. The other was a bounce notification saying that the employee’s mailbox was temporarily full. I mailed Postmaster, as the bounce indicated, to ask whether I should resend, which bounced because Postmaster didn’t exist. So my question to you is:

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  1. Do you really want to work for a company that can’t even follow the requirement that postmaster@ exist?

    (Unless you’re applying to replace their braindead admin.)

  2. ..

    Do you think it cuts your chances by about half if you wind up double submitting your resume? Less than that?

    Assuming it’s half, and you think it is about 50/50 that they got it or not, your probability of getting the job if you resend the resume is:

    X * .5 * .5 + X * .5 = .75X

    If you do not resend it it is just .5X. X is your probability of getting the job independent of the submission difficulty.

    It works out that if you think double submitting your resume will reduce your chances by 50% you should resend it if your think there is a < 2/3 probability they did not already recieve it.

  3. No. I mean, come on… they can’t handle postmaster@, something that’s been a de facto standard for the last twenty years (rfc 822)? Where’s the confidence that they can properly manage you if they can’t manage a freakin’ mail server?

  4. Good point about the bouncing Postmaster address

    If you want to contact them, though, and they have their own domain, look up the domain’s whois info. Snail address and phone number is probably in there, even if the name is no longer accurate.

    Failing that….I wonder, how serious are they about IT if they can’t manage a mail server? :)

    Good luck.

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