Curse You, NetNewsWire

I have been in PC land for a few days while I played Tron 2.0. It’s strange how I am pretty equally comfortable in Windows or OSX these days, moving between the two with relative ease. The only hangups I have are differences in meta keys between the OSes, and the fact that I don’t have any kind of Pager in Windows. I can’t tell you the number of times I have pressed “Windows-F1” on instinct and gotten the stupid WinXP Help Screen as opposed to another desktop. To be honest, I am more comfortable in OSX these days (much to my “former Apple abuser” amazement)… Of course, I don’t really *use” OSX very much: It is just another conduit to a bunch of terminal windows, a web browser, a few copies of Vim, and an mp3 player. :)

I have been using NetNewsWire to keep track of the non-LJ journals of my friends and Red vs. Blue, and it is always a shock to come back from Windows land to the Mac and see I have 100+ things to read…

3 thoughts on “Curse You, NetNewsWire

    1. Yeah… We just got rid of our P.C.
      So I went into the closet and blew the dust off of my old IMAC.
      I LOVED this thing when I first got it….. six years ago. So, I updated it to OSX.2.6… so I’m running like… three month old technology on a Six year old computer.
      ha ha ha ah ah.

    2. I don’t know, I generally have 4-6 virtual desktops going, so I’m pretty sure that even with two monitors at least one of them would be running a pager.

      For some reason I need to have different layouts while doing different tasks…

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