My First Sony…. er, Wedding

Well, it wasn’t TECHNICALLY my first wedding, but it’s the first one I have been to since my childhood. I went to one when I was younger for a family friend (and former babysitter), but I barely remember it at all.

So Ben and Jen got married this weekend on Chebeague Island in Maine. Corinna and I left Cambridge around 5:20pm on Friday expecting an approximate two hour drive (already adjusted for traffic, but expecting it might take a bit longer). That was before we realized that there was not only a stinky fucking hippie concert a stone’s throw from the wedding, but also the Lobster Festival. Oh yeah, it was torrentially raining too (which might have been good if those dirty hippie fucks got out of their car…. Impromptu showering!)

We managed to get to the parking lot of the shuttle bus (to the ferry) around 9:20pm, and the final shuttle bus left at 10:15pm, so we didn’t have too much time to spare. We waited for the bus to arrive, and when it did, and the door opened, we got out of the car and gathered our two bags, our soft cooler, and the wedding present (which was huge and heavy). It’s still pouring, and so we get up to the door of the bus, and are greeted by the bus driver (who then became known as “Large Marge”). She started writing out our parking ticket, and Corinna asked “Can we step inside the bus so we don’t have to stand out in the rain while all our stuff gets wet?”. Marge answers: “You could, but I have to finish writing this out first, and these people are still waiting to get out!”. I think to myself first “Fuck them, it’s raining out here”. Secondly, I think “Why didn’t you let them off first before eclipsing the door with your fat ass?”. Corinna quickly says back to her “But they aren’t standing in the rain!”. Marge lumbers out of the way for the two passengers, and one of the passengers answers Corinna saying “Well, it sucks living on an island!”. Wait a second: There are no positive financial benefits to living on an island, the only reason to live on an island is the joy of living on an island. So how, exactly, does it suck living on an island? Stupid bitch…. Anyway, we finally get on the bus, which we got to sit on hearing Marge babble on incessantly… There were some other minor irritations on the bus, but none really worth getting in to..

We arrive at the island just shy of 11pm, check into our room, dump our stuff inside, and go to meet up with everyone who was there. Ben and Jen commandeered the entire building, so it was a pretty fun atmosphere… The Inn had a bar downstairs, so it was like a self-contained party! :) Spent the night catching up with old friends and meeting new people and drinking with said friends and people. I didn’t go to bed until 3am-ish, but Corinna went to bed before that. The rain stopped some time before I went to bed, so we were all holding out hope that the weather would be nice for the ceremony and reception on Saturday.

Woke up Saturday around 10am (I think), but Corinna woke up much earlier, in time for Breakfast downstairs… I missed it, so while she prepped and showered (and napped, probably), I went downstairs to see what was what was what. Adam had already arrived, so I talked to him for a minute. He was hungry too, so we walked to the island’s general store and got sandwiches. It was about an hour round trip, and when I got back Corinna had been looking for me. I guess i should have told her where I went. :P I had bought her Peanut M&M’s at the store though so she granted me a reprieve. :P

The wedding started at 2pm, and the ceremony was very beautiful…. Ben and Jen have been together for almost as long as I have known Ben… They are a really cute couple, and it was really neat to see them and their families so happy… The weather held out, although it wasn’t sunny it also didn’t rain (nor were the clouds ominous or anything). There were probably about 100 or so people there, only a handful of which I knew beforehand. I even danced on occasion with Corinna, how about them apples? I also danced like a retard to the Humpty Dance.

The DJ ended the night with “American Pie”, as a nod to all the CSHers there (bride and groom included)… The only semi-sad thing is that whenever we do the traditional CSH “American Pie” circle thingy, it reminds me of just after Marty killed himself and I get pretty sad…. I guess the whole tradition is somewhat tainted now, but I guess I have to think of us pulling together post-Marty as opposed to the sadness…

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  1. Hey man, i found your journal via the LJ clients page…. I just wanted to say you have the most killer LJ style ever! Nice work man.

    I added ya, btw.

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