Crappy Internet Cafe

I am sitting in a crappy net cafe here down the shore (Later I’m headed to the Sandbar… It’s this bar that lets underage kids drink… I heard this Doors cover band Crystal Shit there….. It went a little something like this…).

This place won’e let me connect to using the Java SSH client on the CSH webserver. It’s locked down to the point where I can’t press Ctrl-L to get to the navbar… Sigh…

My goal in using this place was to look for jobs, but if I can’t have regular access to my email/resume/etc it is kind of useless. I guess I can go for a few days without looking but it kinda makes me feel like i’m being lazy.

I changed my journal’s style to the new Component layout available to paid users. I wish I could use the new S2 style system to create a new style, but this one is pretty sexy. My personal pages at,, and CSH will retain their current style until I figure out something that isn’t so ugly.

I’m glad I brought my iPod to this place because they have the worst music playing..

3 thoughts on “Crappy Internet Cafe

  1. livejournal

    Yeh, I noticed you were able to change the style for leaving a comment and looking at comments. I didn’t know that was possible and hadn’t seen anyone do that before.

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