Crazy Weekend

This weekend was one of the most jam-packed I have had. Late Friday Night Johnny and Calmie arrived for a visit. Originally Chuck was supposed to join in on the festivities, but he got tied up at work. Anyway, 2/3rds of the troupe arrived a bit after midnight Friday and we just hung out and talked for a few hours before hitting the sack.

Saturday morning we woke up, picked up Corinna, and ate lunch at Eagle’s Deli in Cleveland Circle. I used to frequent this place back when I lived out that-a-way, but haven’t been back in quite some time. I got their awesome bbq chicken sandwich and Johnny attacked the Godzilla burger (1 lb. meat, 1 lb. fries, 4 slices of cheese). He polished off the burger, and most of the fries. He said that he could have kept going but didn’t see an incentive. :) After this we drove to Kendall and parked, walking to the Boston Common across the Longfellow… We ended up at Quincy Market/Fanueil Hall and did some touristy stuff… We then walked back to the car, drove to my apartment, did a quick changeroo, and then started walking towards Harvard Sq. so Johnny could browse some used bookstores. After shopping we took the T to kendall and ate dinner at Legal Sea Foods. After dinner we walked back to my apartment, stopping at the liquor store for “supplies” and headed back to the apartment to blob around for the rest of the night.

Just about as everyone was going to bed, arrived at the apartment with his friend Evan as well as Adam and Helen. I let everyone else go to bed and stayed up for a $3 no-limit game (which I lost). After the game I hit the sack.

Johnny and Calmie left early Sunday morning. I tooled around in the morning and in the afternoon Corinna and I headed out to the animal shelter to walk some dogs. The dog supply was actually a bit sparse this weekend (seemed to be many more cats), so we walked a few who needed it and then took a walk towards the Common. We stopped at a restaurant to grab some dessert as a snack, and it was awesome. I had their “Pound Cake”, which was really more like bananas foster. After that we went to the Boston Common theater for the SNFC outing. This week was “Pirates of the Caribbean”, which everyone enjoyed. After the movie we went to a local pub (Remingtons) for food and drinks, as usual.

THEN after that I got back to the apartment, and turned right back around to the Middle East to help out Jon Whitney. He wanted a second camera at the !!! concert last night, so I did my civic duty and recorded until my camera battery died. I returned home, exhausted and collapsed into the bed.

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