i am sitting in the morning at the diner on the corner

Last night I went over to Corinna’s… We went for a walk, hung out and watched some TV, she showed me some pictures, and enjoyed her new couch. It’s the first I really was able to hang out over there, as the place is just about livable now… She’s been living there for awhile but putting up with some serious crap. Her bathroom still isn’t finished, but she has had a working tub for awhile now… That is really the holy grail, once her bathroom is completed then she can really feel comfortable.

This morning I went with Rory to get breakfast again, but didn’t get eggs this time around. While I feel I have overcome my “fear”, I don’t know if I will be eating eggs too often as they were rather bland. On the way back I stopped by the video store and picked up a movie to watch today. Tonight, Matt is coming over, then He, myself, Adam, and Rory are heading out to Rory’s sister’s house in CT. We are staying overnight then in the morning we are heading to Foxwoods casino to enter the $25 No Limit Hold-’em poker tournament. Doubt anything interesting will come of it, but it should be fun. Hopefully I don’t bust out right away.

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