Interview and eggs

My interview went well yesterday, IMHO, and they said they’d get back to me re: the job in a week… I really hope this works out for many reasons. After the interview I came back home and was just arriving. She had a really bad day at work so she needed to vent a bit. We ordered some Papa John’s and just chilled out here for the night.

I had a bit of trouble sleeping last night, probably due to anxiousness over the whole job thing. I only have like 3 weeks of unemployment left and this prospect is seemingly the only thing between me and McDonalds.

Today was a major accomplishment for me as well. I haven’t had eggs in at least 10, maybe more than 15 years. I have eaten eggs as components of other meals (bread, quiche [i’m not a real man], french toast, etc), but never just plain eggs (scrambled, over easy, hard boiled, etc). I have had this vision of “liquid chickens” stuck in my head for ages, after cracking an egg with an embryo inside way back when.

Well, today after waking up around 11a, Rory came by and asked if I wanted to go grab some food at the Mass Ave. Restaurant. I hadn’t showered yet, but went anyway after washing my face and brushing my teeth. We sat down, he talked about eggs and how I don’t eat them… He said something to the effect of “Sooner or later you are going to have to give them a second chance”. This is something that I have known for awhile, and people constantly remind me of it. Rory ordered 2 eggs, over easy, with bacon, home fries, and toast. In a moment strength (or perhaps weakness) I blurted out “I’ll have the same”, and the panic begins. I ate the eggs, and in the grand scheme of things didn’t get grossed out too much by them, but I don’t really think they were all that special taste-wise either. Dunno what I expected, and I don’t plan on making eggs a regular thing, but it still feels good to have gotten past this fear.

After breakfast I walked down to Harvard Square to run an errand for . She accidentally left her phone charger at her brother’s house in CO, so I went to the Sprint PCS store to get a replacement.

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