T3…. More like a big setup for T4

Came back to NJ today, got in around 6pm. Went to dinner with Family sans-Larissa at the Outback.. When we got back home, Larissa called on her way to the theater saying she had a ticket to T3 for a friend who didn’t show so would I want to come. Never one to look a free movie in the mouth, I took her up on the offer and zoomed down to Ledgewood.

The movie was an okay action movie, and Claire Danes is still a hottie. Aside from that, though, it felt like a big setup for a sequel… Problem is, however, that T3 really wasn’t that compelling… There were definately some “wow” moments, but other than that it was… not boring, but instead I guess kind of a letdown after T2.

Tomorrow is the big fireworks display on the lake, and it looks like there is going to be quite the gaggle of people on the Party Barge Regency Edition. It’s capacity is 14… :)

One thought on “T3…. More like a big setup for T4

  1. yeah

    the first thought to cross my mind at the end was T4 here we come. Along with T5 easily and so on it certainly wasnt a dissapointment but it could have been alot cooler to be sure. the T-X was the real hottie though.

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