I am sitting in a Friendly’s in Weymouth waiting for my new
windshield to be installed at Master Glass (which is across the
street). It’s an hour wait, so I figured I would grab some lunch. I
decided on the Open Faced Chili Burger sandwich, which sounds
delightfully nasty.

I forgot to mention two things about yesterday:

1) I took a really bad spill on the rain-covered cobblestone that
almost converted a day of rollercoasters and fried dough into one of
gurneys and bandages. I escaped with a sore right hip and a really
bruised right elbow.

2) My new still camera came in the mail while I was at the park. It
is a Minolta DiMAGE X, which replaces my defective birthday present from
many months ago (the piece of shit Belkin KVM). This camera rules, and
I will post some shots I took last night when I get home from being bent
over by Mr. Silica.

3 thoughts on “Friendly’s

  1. What problems did you have with your KVM?
    I’ve had a belkin omniview soho four-port with usb for over a year now and I’ve never had any serious problem with it.

    The only quirk it has is that the caps/num/scroll lock lights may not display the actual setting right after you switch into another machine.

    1. It would drop keystrokes… I tried different usb keyboards (originally my apple keyboard, then a logitech, then a belkin) but the problem still occured. Belkin swapped it out for me, same problem.

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