Black Flag: It’s not a band, It’s a way of Life

While last night’s Rollins’ Band benefit for the West Memphis 3 wasn’t a real Black Flag concert, it’s probably the closest thing we will see to it in a long time.

The opening band, Puny Human, was not bad but not my thing either. This band features Iann Robinson, from MTV “fame”, on drums. He really surprised me, he could play pretty freakin’ well. Not to mention that I saw him singing along with all the Black Flag songs that were being played… The singer for Puny Human seemed really awkward on stage, but he seemed to be having a good time anyway.

Keith Morris took the stage first, with Mother Superior behind him (a.k.a. Rollins’ Band sans Henry). He said “Hi, we’re Rollins Band” and gave a little speech on the importance of the benefit. Then they cranked into “Nervous Breakdown” and the crowd when completely insane. Throughout the set it seemed that at times the entire floor was one big pit. After about 9 songs, Keith left the stage and Henry filled his place. Man, Hank is so god-damned intense. He really seemed to be enjoying himself, and was sweating like a dog… They played about 12 songs, before they left the stage. They came back for the encore, and played “Damaged”, as well as “Rockaway Beach” (after Henry gave a speech about meeting Joey Ramone) and “Time Bomb” (after Henry gave a speech about how this song was his personal national anthem) by the Ramones.

This concert was almost a religious experience, and that’s about all I can say to describe it. If you have the chance, catch this tour before it’s all gone.

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  1. I am so fscking jealous. I know about the tour (Henry actually calls themselves a “cover band”), it’s not coming that close to here, but I’m thinking about it anyway, for the WM3 support… but even so… I’m so envious right now…

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