A nice evening storm

I arrived in town yesterday around 4:30ish, and my mom was here with her friend Steve. He lives in Lansing, MI but was home for some family stuff (and perhaps his birthday). They were going out around 6 but I sat and talked with the two of them for awhile. They left, and it was awhile before my dad got home (he had a late meeting at work and didn’t get home until 8pm). I grabbed some pizza from Mario’s for dinner, which I remember being really good, but they must have changed owners because it was pretty assey. Dad got home, and we chatted for awhile, then Chuck came over. At some point Soul Calibur II was brought out and Chuck and I threw down. I handicapped myself for awhile so he had a fighting chance to get “in to shape” in the game. He is pretty much up to speed now, but it will probably take a few more rounds of play before I would say he was “on par” with me.

(Cassie is freaking out right now, due to the thunder, and is now curled up underneath the computer desk. :)

Today I slept in pretty seriously, until around 1pm. Chuck and I grabbed some lunch, hunted around for a place to serve us some Taylor Ham & Cheese, but all of our usual haunts were shutting us out. We finally ended up at the Victoria diner where we ran into James and his keyboardist. Grabbed some food, and on the way back I stopped by the auto parts store to get some brake pads for Maude. I hate working on the car, but changing brake pads is about the extent of the amount of work I am willing to do, and I am broke, so I figured it was worth saving the money. And it’s not a job I could do in Boston thanks to the lack of garage, so I figured I would take the opportunity while it was in front of me. The pads only cost me $15, so I saved a ton (as any garage/brake place would have gouged me like crazy, and probably told me I needed new rotors). Chuck was a big help in that endeavor, reminding me of all the stuff I had forgotten after not working on a car for several years.

I took Chuck to dinner to thank him for his help, he wanted to go to Ruby Tuesdays… We both thought it was pretty lackluster, so I doubt we will be returning. Afterwards we headed over to his yuppie slave drivers’ house to play Soul Calibur II on the 50″ television there.

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  1. FYI

    Just to let you know, Ma and Pa did retire from Mario’s Pizza place…and I am not sure who took it over which is why it was probably crappy pizza…..Just thought I’d fill you in on that. Sorry I had to roll out before you rolled in (:-P) and hopefully I can catch up with you at a later date, either at home or in Boston…Hope you had a nice stay at “Tara”….Miss you bro…talk to you soon!

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