Eddie Priest, Barber Extraordinaire

As far as I can tell, the term “barber shop” was invented to describe Eddie Priest’s Barber Shop. The man is a God among men, and I can’t believe I have lived in the Central Square area for more than a year without experiencing the glory that is Eddie Priest’s Barber Shop. Let me iterate the reasons why Mr. Priest rocks the house:

  1. Cuts hair like a champ.
  2. Said haircut cost $12, a rarity for a good haircut in Boston
  3. Looks like a Norman Rockwell painting inside and out
  4. Strictly Men’s Hair
  5. Eddie looks and sounds like Harvey Keitel’s brother
  6. There were two TVs, both tuned to Comedy Central, so I got to watch SNL
  7. There was a copy of Playboy on his workbench

Need I say more?

4 thoughts on “Eddie Priest, Barber Extraordinaire

  1. there is a kick ass place like that called “Pal Joeys” barbershop on monroe. he has a heated shaving cream dispenser and trims up with a straigh razor, super badass no tvs but the the cuts are only 11 dollars :)

  2. wow, The Wolf cuts your hair ;)

    The shop I’ve gone to for most of my life [Robinsons barber shop] here is leesburg is pretty classic/old school too. Two old guys who used to cut hair in the army, barber pole outside the shop, located in historic section of town. It was even in a Progresso soup commerical. $8 a cut.

    Sounds like you found a winning shop in Boston.

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