Friday Five

  1. What do you most want to be remembered for?
    Being a good guy
    who had the uncanny knack for being a complete dick at the funniest time.
  2. What quotation best fits your outlook on life?
    “Life Sucks,
    Get a Helmet” – Denis Leary
  3. What single achievement are you most proud of in the past year?
    Here’s a hint:
  4. What about the past ten years?
    Graduating from RIT
  5. If you were asked to give a child a single piece of advice to guide
    them through life, what would you say?

    I’ll just tell ’em what my
    daddy told me: “You Ain’t Never Gonna Amount to Nothin'” :)

One thought on “Friday Five

  1. I just did a search on their site but didn’t see your name pop up… what did you do for them? (I’m curious and intrigued!)

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