Poker Madness

Doesn’t look like I am getting to play any poker this week, as last night’s game was cancelled and I am doing the Matrix Reloaded tomorrow afternoon. But the World Poker Tour was on tonight so we got to see some serious No Limit Hold ‘Em action tonight… That show rules, but we watched it live so we had to deal with all the interstitials and the commercials…

My car, Maude, has been flashing her Check Engine Soon light at me for awhile now. I took it to the garage a month or two ago, and the mechanic (who is a good guy) said that the computer was reporting a misfire on one cylinder. He reset the light, put some fuel injector cleaner in it, and told me to run two tanks of super and see if it came back. If it did, he said I’d probably have to change the wires, plugs, etc. It did, and I decided to let it go for awhile, but since I am driving to NYC then NJ next friday (Tomahawk show, anyone want to go?) I wanted to get it serviced so I didn’t have any troubles. It has been running kinda rough lately so it seems like it was getting worse.

Rory made an amazing purchase today when we stopped at Gamespot:


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