Magic ID Cards

I reorganized my filing cabinet last weekend and in the process came across a bunch of old ID cards.. I look like a total dork in all of them, so for your amusement I scanned them in and added them to my photos. I figure as I accrue new IDs I will scan them in. Somewhere around here I have my Babbage’s nametag as well as my Shoprite one.

Adam borrowed his brother’s Xbox for awhile, and I hooked it up this afternoon and gave it a spin. I only played Halo, which didn’t impress me when I played it instore, and my impression hasn’t really changed. It is mostly the controls, I simply couldn’t get past the notion that “I would be so much better with a mouse/keyboard”…. I will give it a fair chance, but I don’t see it working out. Adam also borrowed Ghost Recon and some racing game. I love racing games, but Ghost Recon is another FPS, which will probably suffer from the same control issues. Not to mention I already beat it on the PC.

It also looks like I am going to be co-running the Boston Sunday Night Film Club. It is something I can really think I can help with, and the club needs it, so I will gladly volunteer my time..

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