You know your heartburn is bad when you get your underwear-only-wearin’ ass up out of bed, get dressed, go down to the 7-11, buy one of those little sticks of 12 Tums, and fire back the whole thing successively, just to return to bed.

I shouldn’t have had that Chicken Mole Enchilada for dinner, eh?

While I am up I might as well make an updatey-watey… Today was pretty laid back… Jon Whitney came over for a bit to pick up his ginomo-firewire-drive that he dropped off the other day so I could make a DVD for him… We chit-chatted and watched a bit of the Best of Bowie DVD Easter Eggs. Jon had never heard the term Easter Eggs before… Surprising, he is a pretty saavy guy…

I played some more Tiger Woods tonight, solo… Adam and Helen rented Ringu, but since I thought it was pretty lame the first time around I skipped on most of it. At least it is better than that godawful US version of it.

2 thoughts on “Heartburn

    1. Re: …get your underwear-only-wearin’ ass

      Hey, buddy, count your blessings, cuz I censored myself… The truth of the matter is that I was buck nekkid, but decided to spare y’all THAT visual…

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