OK, so what the hell has been going on, sean?

What’s been going on? Not all that much. Corinna has been sick for a few days so I have been spending some time tending to her. Our normal poker night was moved to Thursday, but we ended up playing last night as well. Matt and Doc came over, and I walked away with $20 of other people’s money, which is a good thing. During the past week we have been playing small $3 no-limit Texas Hold ‘Em games (For the poker newbie, think Rounders) which I have been getting hammered at. I’m really solid at Limit Hold ‘Em, but I haven’t figured out my no limit strategy yet. With last night’s winnings, however, I am way up overall, so it’s not so bad. Got some software to help me with my no-limit game, so I think I will train on the software for awhile before playing over the table again. Anyway, our regular game has pretty much become a Limit Hold ‘Em fiesta, with the occasional 7 card stud game appearing to mix things up. Hopefully I can continue this “winning money” trend on Thursday.

I need to get the new Tomahawk CD, which came out yesterday, and I have a few errands to run today, so it looks like a visit to Harvard Square is in order.

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