whoa whoa-whoa whoa whoa-whoa-oh-oh-oh

Last night was poker night, and thanks to my new playing strategy and some competitors without such a fantastic strategy I came out with $10 of other people money. Adam bested me with $15 of other people money, but that’s OK because it wasn’t my money. :)

I bought two CDs from Apple (“This is Spinal Tap” and Prince’s “The Hits 1”) and burned both to CD, subsequently ripping them back to MP3s… Not too bad of a process if I don’t do it often. I would think I would be backing up my purchases to Audio CD anyway, so the added step of ripping them isn’t so bad. It would be nice if my SliMP3 could just play the AAC files and save me the step, but I don’t see that coming any time soon.

In case you were wondering, Apple’s service uses all the proper tracklengths, so when you burn an entire album to CD it is still recognized by CDDB/freeDB and the tracknames look up properly (or at least for the two CDs I purchased). This is a good thing.

I added those two albums to my CD List. I put (iTunes) in the “Label” column to indicate that these are downloaded albums burned to CD. I hope to be able to rename this from CD List to Album List in the next few years, but I don’t think I am quite there yet.

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  1. you did the CDDB test on another machine, right? iTunes will cache the track listing of any Audio CD you burn with it, so when you pop it back in, it will come up with the user-defined tracklist.

    Does it still work right on another machine?

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