A not-completely-lazy weekend

Spent most of this weekend doing stuff with Corinna… Went over to her apartment somewhat late on Friday night and helped her briefly on prepping Durock for her bathroom… We only worked for an hour or so, I spent most of the time cutting holes in the Durock for the shower components. We went out to dinner at Casa Mexico, which was a freaking awesome as always…

Saturday I headed over to her apartment again in the afternoon and took her for a run to Home Depot, Best Buy, and Target. She bought some stuff, and I actually ended up getting a small microwave for our apartment for $50 at BB. After that shopping trip we went back to her place and finished hanging the Durock in the bathroom. We also removed the old vanity in preparation for installing the new one. Afterwards we came back to my apartment and she made me watch a movie. This is a movie I had managed to avoid for 6 years. This is a movie I said I would never watch. But she pulled her trump card and forced me to watch Titanic. It was OK, but I think it could have been trimmed, and I think Cameron needed to pick whether he wanted to make an effects-driven film or a character-driven film…. Jesus… She has me watching Titanic, doing home improvement…. Next thing you know I will be watching figure skating (Survey Says: BZZZZZT).

Today I am lazing around the apartment… Nobody else is around, which is kind of nice on a day like today… I’m just hanging around, listening to music… I think I am going to take a walk to find a cozy bench outside and read some more of my current book.

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