Fun, Fun, Fun

Time to play a bit of catchup again:

Mom, Larissa, and Aimee arrived here Thursday afternoon. We cavorted around Cambridge, taking Aimee to the Curious George bookstore, and loading up on obscene amounts of candy at Hidden Sweets. Mom even bought me a new pair of new Sneaks (mine are black & yellow). Introduced them to Corinna, who came with us to dinner at The Cheesecake Factory.

We went to lunch on Friday and they headed out… And almost as they were pulling out, Amy was arriving (there was about a 90 minute gap or so). I don’t entirely remember the order of operations, but Amy and I have done all kinds of stuff during her visit. Shopped for shoes (for her), went to a museum, ate at some good restaurants, saw The Pianist, and more! (The Pianist, by the way, was good, but it was hard to seperate the film from the bastard that made it).

Saturday night was the party, and while there wasn’t a gigantic turnout, the people who did show up made it a blast. It was great to see Jeff & Giles, and Amy and Corinna didn’t think my friends were complete aliens, so all was well. We played Asshole, but nobody seemed to get too drunk, so that’s a good thing.

Sunday night Amy and I went to see Certainly, Sir, Cex, and The Postal Service. Certainly, Sir was OK at first, but after the first song or so they really started to get irritating (not to mention their lame name). Cex was amazingly fantastic, I’m so glad I got to see him play. TPS was okay, better live than recorded, but in the grand scheme of things they simply aren’t my thing…. I didn’t really listen to the Pet Shop Boys or Erasure the first time around, I definately don’t need it rehashed for me.

Happy Birthday, Tanya!

3 thoughts on “Fun, Fun, Fun

    1. Yeah so i was like, those are spiffy shoes, I’d like a pair like that.

      Then i read your comment and i was like, man i don’t want to be any more like that assclown sean.

      If anything, he needs to start being more like me!

      1. Shit. I need a neuromancer name. Call me “hologram projecting dude who burns out the ninja’s eyes but then gets his substantia nigra fucked guy” because his name escapes me at the moment.

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