Thank God for Tomahawk

A preview track from the new Tomahawk album “Mit Gas” is available here. I am going to the Tuesday, May 20th show here in Boston as well as the Friday, May 23rd show in NYC, if anyone else is interested…. (You’d have to go and buy your own tickets real soon, though)…

Corinna just headed out a few minutes ago, she’s been crashing here the past few nights due to the lack of non-nasty bathroom and copious splinters abound at her new place. We got alot of demolishion work done there, which is actually kinda fun, feeding my primal male destruction bits.. Her parents are in town for a few days to help her out and move her, so I get a few “days off”. My body could use the recoup time, especially my hands, which have become perforated with little splinter holes from removing the nasty panelling.

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