My Special Day

Today was my birthday, and as far as birthdays go, I definately can’t complain. Many thanks to all those who sent cards, gifts, or wished me well. As I said, I never intended for today to be that big of a deal, I was just hoping for a low profile day, which I created for myself.

I had lots of trouble sleeping last night, eventually falling asleep at 5am. I woke up at 10am, thinking that if I shorted myself on sleep I would have an easier time falling asleep tonight. We will see how that works out. After waking up and grabbing the first meal, I walked down to the Kendall Barber shop to get the mop chopped. I came back and watched some TV and just hung out. Corinna was supposed to cut out of work early and take me to see Gangs of New York, but she wasn’t able to get out early (since she is taking the next week off to deal with her new apartment). She stopped by after work though to wish me a happy birthday (and give me presents!). The smartass gave me two books, Don’t Know Much About Geography and Cracking the AP European History Exam. You may ask yourself “Self? Why the hell did she give him those books?” The answer is that since I suck at those categories so badly at trivia, and because I applied to audition for Jeopardy, I could use the practice. It is an awesome gift, if not a wee bit embarassing. :)

Another awesome gift came in the mail today, courtesy of . She got me the Cosmos Boxed DVD Set, which I have been jonesin’ to get for a long time now. I haven’t seen that series in who-knows-how-long!! She also gave me a little magnetodog for the fridge!

I guess that isn’t stopping by after all tonight… Actually, I guess if she did catch tonight’s concert it could still be going on, but I hadn’t even heard from her as to whether or not she was going to be in town.. That said, I can’t imagine she would miss a Grant show. :)

Again, thanks to everyone… It’s nice to grow old with so many cool people as your friends…. I promise to try and annoy you less this year.

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