Punk ass trippin’ in the dead of night

My name is Sean, and I’m addicted to movies.

After calming down about the KVM fiasco, I made myself a Taylor Ham and Cheese sandwich (which is kinda rewarding when you are doing so in Boston), kicked back on the couch, and watched A Clockwork Orange which was on the TiVo. I hadn’t seen it in a long time, and had forgotten how good it was… After that I took advantage of the nice weather and walked over to Kendall Cinema to catch Russian Ark for my review this week. When I got back I hung around for awhile, futzing with some projects I have been working on, and then I sat down to watch Dawn of the Dead, which I have been jonesing for since acting in the Zombie movie last weekend. I mentioned renting it to Corinna last weekend, and she seemed interested in watching it… Hopefully I won’t be in trouble, but if so, I can watch it again… Plus, the next movie in my Netflix queue is Day of the Dead.. :)

I really wanted to take a bath, but really, can you take a bath without bubbles? I say no. So I walked over to Star Market and scored some supplies. I got Elmo bubble bath, it’s watermelon scented. I would have preferred Mr. Bubbles (put your balls in my mouth), but it was MIA.

3 thoughts on “Punk ass trippin’ in the dead of night

  1. Russuan Ark was playing here at the Dryden last week, but we were in Vegas, so we missed it. Rob gave me the skinny on the film last night on the way to see Delicatessen. heh.

    1. I tried using the hippie soap in my old, old apartment (the last time I had a tub), but it just didn’t bubble very well… It bubbles as far as washing goes, but they aren’t bubble bath bubbles…. More like suds that pop quickly when put in the bath…

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