Weirdness and Follies

I am back in Boston after a long drive late last night.. My family gave me my birthday presents a few days early, which rocks! They gave me:

I’m having some trouble with the KVM switch and the Apple USB keyboard I have been using… Keys are sticky, and sometimes when I press shift it “locks” until I tap shift again…. This is particularly annoying in Vim and when typing my password… Hopefully I can figure out what the problem is soon..

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    1. Dude, you don’t even know.. It’s like shrinkwrapped sex.

      It is fully programmable, you can use it to control almost anything (most notably, however, Final Cut, of course).

    1. I have an omniview soho 4 port w/ usb from belkin.
      Until recently I’ve never had a problem with the USB side of the device, until one day a few weeks ago I started experiencing _VERY_ weird behavior.

      Locally, it was fine. If i logged into and opened up a gvim window, it was fine.
      If I SSH’d into the CS machines it was fine. But, if i then opened up a gvim window,
      it would take very long to process the keystrokes. They would queue to an extent, but it was definately slow. Sometimes key-release events would get lost and the keys would get stuck on. What was even weirder was that if i type ESC: to get to the command buffer in gvim, typing was fine. If i opened an xterm that was xhosted over, it was fine. But anything pulled over such as emacs or gvim was broken.
      I switched the cables to the PS/2 and I haven’t had it do that since. Really fucking weird.

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