I went to the Fleet Bank in Ledgewood to deposit a check and on the way back stopped off at the deli to get a Taylor Ham and Cheese… When I got back to the house I found there was also EGG on the sandwich. I didn’t ask for liquid chickens, and it always pisses me off when I get them. Fortunately the egg was fairly well done and not drippy, so it came off in one piece.

I’ve just been hanging around today, all my friends and family are at work, so I am just watching TV and relaxing…

7 thoughts on “NO EGG

  1. god damn it…stop posting about taylor hame, (egg), and cheese — its making me so fucking hungry for NJ. The Summit Diner had the best freakin’ taylor/egg/cheese that went well with a side of sausage guarenteed to soak the paper bag through. mmmmmm…..

    Between this and your Rochester food posts you are really starting to piss me off!! or make me hungry!!! or both!!!!

      1. I think I gained weight just looking at that web-page.
        I dunno…do-it-yourself taylor ham seems like do-it-yourself nicks…you really need that greasy grill with the years of accumulated burnt fat to give it just the right flavor.

        1. There’s a big difference between DIY Nick’s and DIY THC… Trust me, if you can find the right roll, you can make a pretty damn good THC at home…

          In NJ, you can buy pre-sliced Taylor Ham in the grocery stores, but this mail order place only has the whole logs… So you have to make sure you slice it thin enough when you are cooking it at home…

    1. Taylor Ham is also known as Pork Roll, and it is pretty regional to the NJ area (including parts of PA and NYC)… It’s somewhat similar to canadian bacon, I guess, but more processed.. :) The name “Taylor Ham” comes from the major brand name of Pork Roll, Taylor.

      Taylor Ham and Cheese is a few grilled slices of Taylor Ham and melted American Cheese on a hard roll…. It’s awesome.

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