cerveaux…… cerveaux…..

Corinna came over around noon yesterday and we headed out to the Boston Common megaplex to see The Hours. What a fantastic yet sad movie… She had seen it already, but it was new to me. Dad’s High-School Chum did a fantastic job, and i was really impressed by Julianne Moore, who hasn’t really impressed me as an actress until now. But Nicole Kidman as Virginia Woolf definately stole the show… She was stellar. I even got a little misty at the end of the movie, but they were manly tears, I promise. :)

After the movie we headed over to MassArt for our make-up call. Acting in a zombie movie was one of the best experiences of my life, even if I am still picking little bits of liquid latex out of my hair… I got to shamble around, eating the entrails of my victims, and wear a nasty, nasty, nasty jean jacket with one of those faux-sheep skin linings… Let me tell you, once that thing got sufficiently clogged up with stage blood and corn syrup it was pretty uncomfortable to wear. And after 6-7 hours on set with the makeup applied, my face started to itch like I can’t describe. I only have a vague notion of how zombied up I was, but I really won’t get an idea until I see the film. Corinna, however, had the shamble and moaning down pat, and she was uglied up pretty well too.. Good thing for her that the makeup washes off… :)

I was talking with the director on our way out last night (at 11pm) and he said they might have another day of shooting in a few weeks…. Some kind of outdoor shot, so I presume he is waiting for the weather to improve. Should be fun!

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