Mutt Mitt

Corinna stopped by after work and took me to the Animal Shelter downtown. She is a volunteer, walking doggies a few times a week. It sounded like alot of fun so I decided to tag along this time. We walked two dogs, a cute little puppy named Shadow and an older stray named Bear. Shadow got tired and cold, apparently, quickly so he only got walked for about 15 minutes, but Bear was a tank and was good for 45 (until it got too cold out for us). It’s weird dealing with dogs in the city, but it was alot of fun. Perhaps I will do it again in the future!

Played some Splinter Cell tonight, seems like a great game…

Watching the war on television is weird. Watching the war on TiVo, and rewinding bits so you can analyze them further, as if it was a football game, makes you feel even more detached from reality.

3 thoughts on “Mutt Mitt

  1. That huge ass Carmen San Diego floor map of the Middle East, on which the reporters walk around on, really wigs me out. Same goes for the Monday-Night-Footballesque interactive plasma screen they draw on showing military movements. Hmm come to think of it, the “Iraq Trackers” I see on the news websites bother me too.

  2. Technology

    There’s definitely a new odd synergy between advancement of our weapons and a simultaneous advancement of the media’s capabilities, and TiVo makes it even wierder. It’s really handy for catching background conversations that aren’t easy to listen to the first time around. (Like some Marine behind Rick Leventhal on Fox yelling “Gas masks, NOW!”)

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