And all the tall short people

morimoto is now fully operational and doing it’s thing. It was pretty much good to go after I got back from lunch with Corinna yesterday, but it took hours to copy all 70ish gigs of databack to it. I had a few problems with file naming that was apparently fine before but wasn’t fine anymore… Perhaps it is a difference in my Samba config or version. I still have to copy all the Good Eats episodes back to it as well, which are all backed up on CD-R. Anyway, I copied the last of the data over to the machine while I slept tonight, and now that all that is done, the Slimp3 server is up and running, and ntp is set up I can leave that machine alone for awhile now.

Just got the oil changed in Maude, The Minivan of Power, and she is much happier now. I was about to donate the old pantry rack to CSH when Adam claimed it. This is a good thing because while I would be willing to donate it to CSH, it was worth quite a bit of money when my parents bought it for me last year and now I can loan it to Adam and take it with me when I move out.

I slept like hot garbage last night and am pretty tired now… I kept coughing from my throat being dry, so i was drinking like there was no tomorrow… I eventually did what I should have done all along: Chugged some ‘quil and passed out into the coma.

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