Turkey and Samoas

Met up with Corinna for lunch at her work, and upon greeting me she gave me a few Samoas… She rocks! We walked around the downtown area and ended up at a deli that wasn’t too bad. I had a turkey, stuffing, and cranberry sauce sandwich and she had some split-pea soup. Mine was okay, but the stuffing was a bit beat. Corinna said the soup was okay as well, but was a bit thick. After lunch we walked around Quincy Market/Fanueil Hall and just kinda cruised around downtown for awhile..

I pretty much have morimoto all fixed up now. I removed the drives and installed Gentoo last night, and installed samba and the LVM utiltities this morning. I apparently forgot to compile LVM support so I am doing that now. Hopefully after a quick reboot everything will be good to go and i can start copying data back to the machine. Once that gets started I am taking a nap…

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    1. Re: Samoas?

      Wishful Thinking, really, although Samoas do still exist. My mom got me a box last year, and the Edy’s Girl Scout Ice Cream flavor was named Samoas, not Caramel Delites

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