I can now drive stick and still piss off The Man at the same time

Corinna gave me a surprise call this morning to tell me that she had the car and wanted to teach me how to drive stick, and so she came over after I finished eating lunch. We jumped in her car and she drove me over to a parking lot over near the Cambridgeside Galleria. She shut off the engine and we switched seats. After a bit of explanation, I pushed in the clutch, started the engine, and put the car into 1st. I managed to get from a stop to 1st without stalling the car, and even managed to get into 2nd without any trouble (thanks to some good prep-talk from Corinna and lots and lots of video games). I cruised around that parking lot for about 20 minutes and after stalling the car and rough starting it many times (that first time was pure beginners luck) I finally built up the confidence to get out on the streets. I didn’t do that bad, I only stalled the car a few times, and didn’t cause any real major traffic jams.

Towards the end of the trip, however, I was driving back towards my apartment and was stopped behind some cars on Broadway. When the light changed I stalled the car, but recovered before the car in front of me was more than 3 feet away from me. The douchebag in the jeep behind me honked so I flipped him off. I then proceeded down Broadway, not even driving that slow but slow enough to tell the guy to back off. When I was turning left onto Prospect, the guy tried to pass me on the right (there is only one lane of traffic)… I could give a fuck what this maniac was trying to do, so I kept on my way. When we got to the next traffic light, this guy jumps out of his car and comes up to my window. Turns out it was a cop who was driving around in his own car or anything. He just kinda looks at me and I said to him something to the effect of “You shouldn’t have been an impatient dick and honked your horn”. He responded with some steriodal nonsense like “Don’t you see that I’m a cop?”. Since I didn’t break the law (perhaps there is some “don’t flip people off” law, but I would bet there is also a “don’t honk your horn unnecessarily” law), and this guy was just being a dick, I didn’t put up with his shit. He gave me some line like “next time you flip someone off you might get a ticket, don’t be a dickhead”, and I just drove off… Corinna decided that the lesson was over. :)

We then came back to the apartment and watched some TV. You’d think that we’d be out enjoying the beautiful weather, but we are both feeling pretty sick (thanks, Rory! :P). One of the things we watched was the SNL with Christopher Walken (The most recent one he was on), which reminded me I have to dub it to VHS for Sho’time (a.k.a. My Roommate Jon Parise).

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  1. Actually I was learning to drive a stick last week in the parking lot of an elementary school near me. I kept circling the lot and the night janitor called the cops.. cuz people circling parking lots who are obviously learning to drive are such troublemakers.

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