Like sands through the urethra

These are the days of our lives.

Well, we moved in, and I eventually got the cable modem working, and even ran Cat5 to the other end of the apartment so the boys could have internet access too. We had this LinkCyst Cable/DSL “router” lying around and since morimoto (our file server) went wonky in the move I decided to use the LinkCyst until we could get morimoto patched up and acting as a firewall.

Morimoto is pretty fucked, but I have managed to get it “up” enough to copy data off of it. The problem with this is that there is about 100G of data on there and I have to scrounge up the space to back all that data up before I nuke the machine and start over again (I want to remove the SCSI drives, a processor, and some muffin fans out of the machine in an effort to make it quieter since it will be living in the living room). Anyway, this is going to take a bit of doing.

Rory and Adam were complaining about how slow the cable modem was, and after some debugging we discovered that the LinkCyst (latest firmware and everything) was decreasing our transfer rates by 2 ORDERS OF MAGNITUDE (150K/s down to 3K/s). The decision was made to replace the piece of shit with another standalone “router/firewall”. So today I went down to MicroCenter and picked up an SMC 8-port jobber with a print server which seems to be doing the trick nicely.

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