My Dinner with William

Ok, I didn’t have dinner with him, but I got to meet William Gibson this evening. He was doing a reading over at the Charles Hotel, and he managed to get here even with the weather as shitty as it’s been recently. The reading started on time, more or less, and Gibson read Chapter 27 (“The Shape of the Enthusiast”) of his new novel “Pattern Recognition”. He did a great reading, and he really got me charged to read the book (I am currently polishing off another book, and have inserted this one into the next position on the list).

He did a Q&A session next, and besides the annoying trekkie who couldn’t keep her fucking mouth shut, and the obligatory hipster question about BLOGs, it was very interesting. I’m really glad I trekked out in the snow for it, even if sitting around in wet jeans for awhile sucked. He did a signing afterwards, and I was about halfway back in the line. Trekkie bitch was directly behind me the whole time babbling on and on about how she met her husband at some convention and how her mom thought it was crazy that she wanted to put trek figurines on top of their wedding cake. It was the longest 15 minutes I have ever experienced, I think a kidney stone would have actually made it better. I thanked Gibson for trekking out in this weather and for continuing to write books that don’t suck. Away he signed and I left.. I took some pictures, in the last one you can see Trek Bitch to the right. She was nearly the embodiment of the Comic Guy, refusing to leave Gibson’s side after she got her books signed, and standing there talking to him while other people were trying to have their time with him. It’s times like this that I see clear evidence that extremely late term abortions would be a good thing (you know, late as in the 90th trimester).

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