My kid sister got a LJ, which means my whole family is now kicking it journal style.. :)

Went to see the building manager of our new apartment this morning to drop off the rest of the paperwork. She said that everything looked fine, even with me with no job, so she hasn’t told us for sure yet but she said that she didn’t expect there to be any problems and that she would call later today, which is cool. Got to see the apartment again, since Rory was along for the ride this time, and I don’t regret our decision at all. We are going to need to decorate a bit, however, because it’s very sterile in that Capstone/University Commons kinda way.

After that I walked to MIT with Rory and we grabbed breakfast at DD. After that I grabbed a haircut (which is why i wanted to go down to MIT in the first place) and stopped by The Artist Formerly Known as Rovia. Carlos was out sick and Mario had to meet someone for lunch, but Omar and I hung out for awhile and grabbed some lunch.

Meeting up with Rose for dinner over in the Fenway, perhaps we will end up at Brown Sugar!!!

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    1. Heh. The odds of my sister being in Rochester are zero. She’s heard me bitch about it enough to know it’s a complete shithole. :)

      I have absolutely zero fear.

  1. have no fear

    have no fear. i’ve been to rochester before. although it’s not as much of a shithole as Bloomsburg….I still wouldn’t go back up there unless I was paid. :-)

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