Mom and Dad got here a bit before noon on Saturday.. We did some shopping for my sisters and got some food, and later we went to see Space Station 3D which was fantastic. It was the first IMAX 3D film I have seen, and it was just breathtakingly beautiful… There was even a bit of Talking Heads on the soundtrack, which is never a bad thing.

After the movie we went to dinner at Legal Sea Foods, which was also fantastic… One of the best restaurant meals I have had in a very, very long time (I had the Grilled Everything Tuna for my main course and Bananas Foster for dessert).

Mom and Dad left around 1pm-ish, and I caught up on some stuff I needed to do around the house. I was getting ready to meet up with the Sunday Night Film Club for The Quiet American tonight, and was cleaning my glasses when they broke in half at the nose. I looked at the website for Eye Q Optical (where I originally bought the glasses) and saw they closed at 4pm, so I dug up my old glasses, ran out of the house to Harvard Square, and made it there at 3:30p. They were as helpful as always, giving me a replacement frame free of charge. I once again highly recommend them to anyone looking for glasses in the Boston area. I got out of Eye Q around 3:45p, and ran to the T, which dropped me off at Kendall Square around 4pm. I ran to the theater and got there with about 10 minutes to spare.. Caught up with Corinna and Bernard, who were also cutting it close, and when we got in the theater we got less-than-great-but-not-completely-crappy seats.

The movie was really good, and Michael Caine was great (apparently not drunk, either), but Brendan Fraser was somewhat annoying, but not terribly so. After the movie we ended up at the Cambridge Brewing Company for dinner/drinks.

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    1. Yeah, it started in SF, and according to last week’s newsletter a DC chapter just started as well… It’s pretty fun, and at least here in Boston nobody in the group is terribly annoying. :)

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