Fun With Chuck

So Chuck has been here since Saturday afternoon and we have been fun tearing up the town. Saturday we just kinda grabbed dinner and hung around the house playing video games because it was a long day for him. Sunday we went to Jillians for awhile and I kicked his ass in Silent Scope 2. Afterwards we went to meet up with Corinna at the Sunday Night Film Club to see Confessions of a Dangerous Mind, which was alot of fun. After the movie we hit up this bar just off the Common for dinner and drinks, and ended up staying at the bar for about 4 hours…

Last night Chuck and I walked around Harvard Square and Porter Square (the Porter Exchange asian mall, to be exact) and eventually ended up at Flattop Johnny’s last night for some pool… Today we are going to grab some lunch in a few minutes and later we are heading over to Boston Billiards Club to shoot some pool before catching Henry Rollins tonight.

One thought on “Fun With Chuck

  1. Henry is great on this tour; I won’t even try to cover it, but suffice it to say, you should be pleased. :)

    One thing of note: he’s starting to get a little more serious, a little less humorous. Sure, we don’t need 100% ha-ha, but there’s definitely more of the “this part isn’t funny, so pay attention, and maybe we can do something about it”. Almost like a low-signal activism. He definitely gives the audience food for thought.

    Anyway… have a good time!

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